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Precision Krav Maga offers an East Cobb women’s self-defense class constructed specifically around the safety concerns faced by women. This particular course consists of classes of various sizes, depending on the topic being explored. In this program, we teach a set of core fighting skills that can be learned by anyone without committing to long-term martial arts training. We also teach the mental and emotional skills women need for defusing threatening situations, as well as how to fight back if it becomes necessary to resort to violence. This course is not available every month. Contact us to find the specific times and dates for the upcoming course sessions.

Many self-defense programs focus on the dangers that may arise from being attacked by a stranger on the street. While we train for that danger, we also help women prepare for the far greater likelihood that an attack or sexual assault will come from someone the woman already knows. Statistically, women are most likely to be hurt by someone they already know and often the attack is coming from someone they care about. This often makes fighting off the attacker more difficult from an emotional level. We address dangers both from strangers as well as from people women know.

One of the main training goals of our program is to help women learn to deal with the fear and adrenal response that comes from an assault. We do this through drills conducted in a safe manner that are designed to simulate the way the body responds during a violent attack. This trains students to be ready to control those biological responses should they be faced with danger in the future, and also sometimes provides a therapeutic release for lingering stress and trauma from past experiences.

Our women’s self-defense program is offered several times a year, and a customized version is also available for scheduling for private groups. Some women choose to learn women’s self defense through private and semi-private lessons, or simply as part of our Krav Maga training program.

We are conveniently located for women living in Marietta, Roswell, Sandy Springs, Alpharetta, Woodstock, Kennesaw, and other communities in the greater Atlanta area. For more information about learning women’s self defense, please call (404) 850-2545 or fill out our online contact form.