Women’s Self Defense & Fitness

Learn practical self defense techniques while getting in shape in an all-female class

A class focused on the self defense and fitness needs of women

Precision Krav Maga offers an ongoing class that focuses on the self-defense concerns of women. This program is included as a membership benefit for female students who are enrolled in our Krav Maga training program. The class gives our female students the opportunity to focus the safety risks facing women today. The all-female environment allows women to explore issues they may not feel comfortable addressing in a mixed gender setting. While it is designed to serve as a supplement to our regular Krav Maga program, the class can be a great introduction to self defense for women who are uncertain about joining a regular martial arts class. The Women’s Self Defense group trains on Mondays at noon. 

Dangers at work or at home are as real as stranger danger

Many self-defense programs focus on the dangers that may arise from being attacked by a stranger on the street. While we train for that danger, we also help women prepare for the likelihood that an attack or sexual assault will come from someone the woman already knows. Dealing with sexual harassment at work or violence in the home are unfortunately common situations women must be prepared to face.

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Fear & Adrenaline

One of our goals is to help women learn to deal with the fear and adrenal response that comes from an assault. We do this through drills conducted in a safe manner that are designed to simulate the way the body responds during a violent attack. This trains students to be ready to control those biological responses should they be faced with danger in the future, and also sometimes provides a therapeutic release for lingering stress and trauma from past experiences. You will be much better at responding to an attack if you have already conditioned your body to be used to it. 

Don’t count on someone else to protect you. Learn to defend yourself.

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