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Precision Krav Maga has partnered with Adrenaline Action Design to offer an exclusive film fighting program for aspiring actors, stuntmen, and stuntwomen in the Atlanta area. This progressive training system leads to multiple levels of certification and accreditation issued by some of the top action film stunt professionals in the world. If you want to learn how to perform martial arts for the movies or to choreograph fight scenes, this program is essential for you. 

Precision Krav Maga is Atlanta’s most advanced reality-based self-defense system, providing training in close quarters combat, empty handed defense, blade and gun skills, grappling, sparring, and a range of other combat techniques. Adrenaline Action Design is the world’s largest martial arts media platform created by professional stunt men and women appearing in Hollywood’s biggest hit movies. Together, they will provide you with an amazing foundation for landing roles as a professional film fighter. 

Your training begins with a course developed by Chris Brewster, who has over 150 film credits and who served as a stunt double and/or fight choreographer in films such as Captain America: The Winter Soldier, Daredevil, Ant-Man and the Wasp, Black Panther, and Loki. In addition to learning film fighting techniques, you will film a fight scene and submit it for review and certification by some of the world’s top film fighting experts. Available certification levels include Bronze, Silver, Gold, Elite, and Pro. 

As you advance in the curriculum, you will train in programs developed by other leading action fight scene stars such as Caitlin Dechelle (Wonder Woman; Fast & Furious; The Mandalorian), Holland Diaz (Avengers: Endgage; Avengers: Infinity War; Spider-Man: Homecoming), and Eric Linden (The Punisher; Daredevil; 300: Rise of an Empire). Set yourself apart from the competition by earning multiple levels of certification from the leaders in the industry. 

As a bonus, your membership includes online access to the Adrenaline Worldwide VIP video library, where you can supplement your training with a wide variety of martial arts skills. 

As a special bonus, all SAG-AFTRA members receive a 10% discount off any of the regular membership plans.

Special discount pricing is available on the film fighting program if you are a member of our school. Enroll in one of our primary training programs (Krav Maga, Kali, or Karate) and you can add the film fighting class to your membership at a significant savings price. 

The studio is located at 3000 Johnson Ferry Road, Suite 210, Marietta, GA 30062. Visit to learn more about the school. Call (404) 850-2545 today to enroll or to learn more about the special  program for fighting on camera.

Reviews & Endorsements:

Andrew Masset

Andrew Masset – 30 year professional SAG/AFTRA Union member actor:

Over my 30-year career in Hollywood, I worked on over 150 TV series and movies. I continue to work in films and TV today.

Many times, I was asked to actually do ‘fight scenes’ with fellow actors and stunt people.

I learned early on that these fight scenes must look real but not actually result in accidents or injuries. Fight stunts are difficult and exacting work.

Since 2016, I have been training in a martial art called Krav Maga. It is an Israeli military adaptation of multiple martial arts created to quickly subdue an opponent.

Bill Pfeifer has put together a special class for any and all actors who wish to learn these skills in an expedited fashion, which will provide both personal and ‘on camera’ results.

I highly recommend his program to any actor or stunt person as something they will find exciting and useful, both personally and professionally.

SAG members receive a special 10% discount.