Precision Blade Arts 

Precision Blade Arts is our newly expanded knife training program formerly known as Blade Club. In Precision Blade Arts, we focus on tactical (offensive) and defensive use of the knife while also developing ancillary skills that make blade training easier and more effective. While we also train with blades in our Intermediate and Advanced Krav Maga classes and in our Mastery Weapons classes, Precision Blade Arts is now an independent multiyear program providing deep immersion in edged weapons training. It is currently offered several times a week, and additional class times are planned in the future.

No live (sharp) blades are allowed on the training floor, so all training is done with safe training blades and other safe blade substitutes. We require all students to wear protective eye gear during all blade classes to prevent accidental injuries to the eye, even when using rubber, foam, or other soft blade substitutes. Special additional protection such as fencing masks or other protective gear is required to participate in certain drills. 

An edged weapon should be used only as a last resort, and only when the use of the blade is a reasonable and necessary response to a life-threatening attack. A knife can be an effective way for a smaller person or an outnumbered person to equalize the odds in defending themselves from an assailant or multiple assailants, particularly if the knife holder knows how to use one well. If you are going to carry a knife for self-defense, it is essential that you learn how to use it correctly and safely. 

From a self-defense perspective, learning to use a knife also makes you more effective in defending against a knife attack. You can’t really understand how to defend yourself from the use of a weapon unless you know how to use the weapon yourself. There is a rather widespread trend in martial arts to teach techniques for defending against knives that would never work in the real world. One of the benefits of training in how to actually use a knife is that it exposes the weaknesses of commonly taught knife attack defenses. In our program, when we teach a technique we also teach the counter or defense against the technique. With us, you will learn how to effectively use a knife while also learning how to defend yourself against a knife attacker.

In the past, blade training was only available to current students of our regular Krav Maga program. With the expansion of the Precision Blade Arts program into a full independent system, we now will accept students from other martial arts schools who would like to add edged weapons training to their skill set without enrolling in Krav Maga. The Precision Blade Arts program can be added for a discounted price to any of our current Krav Maga membership plans, or can be joined independently by legitimate martial artists from other backgrounds who would like to add blade training to their skill set. Contact us for more details.