Online Academy

Learn Krav Maga online through our remote learning program. Earn real rank through live and video testing. Instructor certification available. 

A remote learning Krav Maga program for online training

While in-person training is usually the best way to learn Krav Maga, not everyone has that opportunity available to them. Whether the issue is time, scheduling, distance, or other factors, sometimes training online is the best option. For those who can’t train with us in person or who need more flexibility in their workout schedule, we now offer an online training option. 

Work independently or with a mentor

Train independently at your own pace, or work with a mentor who can provide feedback and coaching services. Different levels of coaching and guidance are available. 

Due to the nature of the skills being training in Krav Maga, we recommend that you find a training partner who can practice techniques with you. Working with a partner or forming a small training group will enable you to get the full benefit of the online training experience.