Precision Krav Maga

Learn more about our flagship program for personal safety, physical fitness, and self-defense.

Military Origins, Civilian Applications

Krav Maga is a self-defense system originally developed by the Israeli military to train their soldiers in hand-to-hand combat. The name literally means “contact combat” in Hebrew (Krav translates as combat and Maga translates as contact). It is used by the Israeli Defense Force (IDF) and other Israeli security systems. Krav Maga is well known as one of the fastest and most efficient ways for a person to learn realistic self-defense. It is based on the premise that under the stress of combat, simple and instinctive techniques will be the ones most likely to actually work. The greater the complexity of a technique, the higher the likelihood that it will fail when tested under life-or-death conditions.

Outside of the military applications, most Krav Maga schools teach a civilian version of Krav Maga designed to prepare students for common attacks that occur in real life. The techniques are derived from a variety of martial systems, making it a practical mixed martial art (MMA) for the ordinary person who wants to be prepared for potential threats. It is also a great fitness and conditioning program, providing a fun and educational way to get in shape while learning valuable skills.

In our program, we encourage students to get away from the nice-sounding concept of self-defense. Instead, we teach students to go on the offense to attack someone who is trying to physically harm them. This shift in thinking is important. If you stay in a defensive mindset of just responding to the attacks someone is making against you, the attacker has no reason to stop and eventually you will lose. Our students are taught to address the immediate danger of whatever attack is launched at them, but then to turn the tables and violently counterattack the person trying to harm them. We attack and attack and continue to attack until the attacker either runs away or is physically defeated. Once the threat is neutralized, we teach to escape the danger zone and call the authorities for assistance. Our training drills are designed to teach how to overcome fear and exhaustion through attacking relentlessly and with full force until the threat is over.

Safety Through Strength, Confidence, and Awareness

At Precision Krav Maga, we train our students to develop self-confidence in all aspects of life, to maintain situational awareness, to set personal boundaries and assertively enforce them, to find ways to avoid being in dangerous situations, to defuse confrontations without resorting to violence, to stand up to bullies, and to handle the fear and adrenal response that comes from being attacked. We constantly remind our students that the best way to win a fight is to never be in a fight in the first place, and that simply maintaining awareness of their surroundings may be all it takes to cause a criminal to choose a different victim. Some find Krav Maga training to be a therapeutic way to deal with stress, fear, anger, PTSD, and other lingering trauma from past experiences. It is a fantastic way to release tension and escape from mental burdens. Learning Krav Maga is a lot of fun, it provides a great workout, and it may save your life one day.

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