Whether you are interested in fitness kickboxing, technique development, or sports competition, we offer a kickboxing training to meet your needs.

Fitness Kickboxing or Sports Training

Whether training for sports competition, physical fitness, or simply for fun, learning kickboxing is an exciting and interesting way for both women and men to get in shape. Kickboxing is one of the supplementary skills we develop in our Krav Maga program, but we also offer kickboxing as an independent fitness training program as well. Our HIIT (High Intensity Interval Training) Kickboxing class is a great way to work on your conditioning while also practicing your kickboxing combinations on the heavy bag. In our Advanced Krav Maga classes, we use light contact kickboxing as a way to develop proper timing, footwork, evasion, and striking skills. In our HIIT Kickboxing class, we alternate between resistance bands and bag drills to develop your overall physical conditioning.

Fitness and Conditioning

In our HIIT Kickboxing classes for fitness and conditioning, we focus on developing your cardiovascular endurance, your flexibility, and your physical strength. The kickboxing drills are performed on the heavy bag, while the strength and conditioning drills are performed with resistance bands or light dumbbells. The combination of the two provides an intense but fun way to improve your fitness while also developing kickboxing skills. All of our kickboxing instructors are certified by PKA Worldwide and will teach you proper form and technique as part of your workout.

Improve your ability to defend yourself from harm

At Precision Krav Maga, we believe sparring is a vital skill to develop as part of your self-defense training. Sparring with safety pads and gloves may not be the way a fight happens on the street, but kickboxing provides a way to develop proper timing, to learn how to control distance, and to enhance reflexive responses to an attack. Testing combinations with a friendly training partner is one of the best ways to find out if those combinations would actually work against a resisting opponent. Training on a heavy bag or on boxing mitts is one of the most fun ways you can work up a sweat while burning off stress. All of our Krav Maga students engage in light sparring on a regular basis once they reach the advanced level of the program.

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