Kids Karate

In our East Cobb martial arts program for children, we offer karate training for kids and teens that includes elements of Krav Maga, American Karate, kickboxing, Kali, and other martial arts systems. The training is designed to provide them with a strong foundation in martial arts skills, improve their fitness levels, develop their physical skills, build their character, and teach them how to defend themselves when necessary. There is no greater deterrence to bullying than the self-confidence that children gain through martial arts training.

One of the benefits of our program for kids is that it teaches them to set short term goals while working towards long term goals. The short term goals are to learn the skills, information, and techniques needed to advance to their next belt rank. The long term goal is to develop their character and abilities as a martial artist to earn the rank of black belt. In the process of setting and achieving goals, children learn self-discipline, respect, courtesy, determination, self-confidence, how to protect themselves from danger, and other valuable life skills. Martial arts training can be particularly beneficial for children who have ADHD, difficulty focusing, are on the autism spectrum, or just have quirky personalities or adjustment issues. It also can provide a physical outlet to release anger, frustrations, nervousness, or just excess energy.

We also have adult members who enjoy training in our American Karate program that is open to children, teens, and adults. Some are involved in the karate program so that they can train with their children, while others enjoy the wide variety of techniques, weapons, and skills they can study in the karate classes. The karate program provides the opportunity to pursue the student’s interests across many areas of martial arts.

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