Precision Krav Maga

Realistic self defense training, physical fitness, mental development, and comprehensive martial arts skills. Find out why Precision Krav Maga is where people go when they are serious about learning martial arts. 

A professional martial arts school focused on personal safety and practical self-defense.

Atlanta’s Precision Krav Maga, located in the East Cobb area of Marietta, provides training in Krav Maga, Children’s Martial Arts, Kickboxing, American Karate, Women’s Self-Defense, Precision Blade Arts, and other martial arts programs for every member of the family. We are a full-time professional martial arts school open six days a week, with a variety of class times available in the mornings, afternoons, or evenings, Call (404) 850-2545 or fill out our Contact Form for more information.

Self Defense

Krav Maga focuses on simple and effective techniques that work under the stress of real combat. We take a flexible approach that takes into account differences in size and strength, as well as any physical limitations you may have.


We provide realistic training on how weapons may be used against you and how you can defend yourself from an armed attack. Guns, knives, sticks, or objects that can be utilized as improvised weapons are covered in our program.

Physical Fitness

An important component of self defense is having the physical fitness to fight back against an attacker. We start wherever you are and build your fitness from there. It is hard to fight when you are out of breath, so we work to build up your conditioning and endurance.

Simple, instinctive, aggressive, effective


Our Krav Maga Fundamentals classes will train you in simple techniques that you can use to defend yourself from harm. At least in the early stages of your training, if it isn’t simple then it isn’t going to work against a real attack. While we do expand your skill set to more difficult techniques when you move into the Advanced Krav Maga program, your foundation has to be based on simple principles of defense that you can apply across a wide range of situations. We provide you with a core skill set that you can use against multiple attacks before moving your training to a more advanced level. 


One of the reasons Krav Maga is so effective is that it bases its defensive techniques on instinctive responses to an attack. We take your natural reflexes and build upon them to give you a fighting skill set you can learn quickly. Your brain already has a built-in programming that we can build upon to teach you how to protect yourself. 


In Krav Maga, we teach our students to take their fear and turn it into anger and aggression. We encourage students to get away from being in a defensive mindset, and instead learn how to go on the offense when someone is trying to physically harm them. If you stay in a defensive mindset of just responding to attacks, the attacker has no reason to stop and eventually you will lose. Our students are taught to address the immediate danger from the attack, but to also turn the tables and violently counterattack the person trying to harm them. While it is best to avoid fighting and to deescalate conflict whenever possible, if you are forced to fight then you should fight to win. Our students do drills in every class that help them develop the ability to flip the switch and turn on the aggression when they need it. 


In Krav Maga, we use whatever works. We are not hung up on the origins of a technique, our only concern is whether it will get the job done. At our school, we test every technique we teach to see if it really works against resistance and under stress. The most effective techniques are usually the ones based on the basic principles of Krav Maga, where we rely on instinctive responses and a standard framework of skills that can be applied in a wide variety of situations. We also realize that not every person can do every technique, whether due to size or disability or other physical limitation, so we are always happy to find ways to modify a technique to make it work for each individual. We don’t care whether the technique looks pretty, we just want it to get the job done.

Our children’s martial arts program at Precision Krav Maga is a blend of age-appropriate Krav Maga, American Karate, Filipino Kali, PKA Kickboxing, and other martial arts. In addition to their physical training, we seek to develop their minds as well as their character. Our goal is for our kids and teenagers to grow into high performance individuals with great leadership skills. Click here to learn more about our martial arts programs for children, youth, and teens.

HIIT Kickboxing

Kickboxing, whether for fitness or for sports competition, is a great way to get in shape fast. Our HIIT (High Intensity Interval Training) Kickboxing program is a fast-paced workout designed to get you in shape quickly while teaching real kickboxing skills. No sparring is required in our fitness kickboxing classes, but sparring is taught in our PKA Sports Kickboxing classes as well as in our Krav Maga and American Karate programs. Our school and all of our kickboxing instructors are members of the Professional Karate Association (PKA), were personally trained and certified by PKA CEO Joe Corley, and have extensive training in effective kickboxing techniques. To learn more about our kickboxing training options, click here.

Precision Krav Maga has partnered with Adrenaline Action Design to offer an exclusive film fighting program for aspiring actors, stuntmen, and stuntwomen in the Atlanta area. This progressive training system leads to multiple levels of certification and accreditation issued by some of the top action film stunt professionals in the world. If you want to learn how to perform martial arts for the movies or to choreograph fight scenes, this program is essential for you. Click here to learn more. 

Screen Fighting

There are numerous fighting systems from the Philippines that go by various names. Styles influencing our program include systems such as Pekiti Tirsia Kali, Escrima, Arnis, Panantukan, and Dumog. Our school is affiliated with the iKali Indigenous Art of Blade program of Tuhon Apolo Ladra of Pekiti Tirsia Kali, and we also incorporate skills from other Kali systems as well. Click here to learn more about our Filipino Martial Arts program. 

Precision Krav Maga offers an ongoing class that focuses on the self-defense concerns of women. This program is included as a free membership benefit for women who are enrolled in our Krav Maga program. The all-female environment of the class  allows women to explore issues they may not feel comfortable addressing in a mixed gender setting. This class can be a great introduction to self defense for women who are uncertain about joining a regular martial arts program. Click here to learn more.